Saturday, July 19, 2008

Recession About Town: Online Entertainment

Hopefully you've heard about this by now and even more hopefully you've seen it: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, brought to us all by Joss Whedon & Co.

Go to the site before midnight Sunday!
Watch 3 entertaining and charming episodes of serial online TV for FREE!
After midnight on Sunday July 20, it disappears from the internet.

If you're as big a Whedon fan as we are, go to iTunes and buy the "Season" for $4.99. Be careful that you don't buy it by the episode - you'll spend $1.99 per episode. The season is a bargain!

Recession About Town: Recession Rock!

In July the Cowboy and I went on a Rock Cruise in NY Harbor with Los Straitjackets and about 100 other music fans on a boat called the Half-Moon. The concert was part of the Rocks Off Concert Cruise series - Rocks Off is an independent concert promotion gang presenting really cool and diverse performances. The concert was...there's no other word...awesome. Surf-rock played by the coolest band you've never heard of, breezy harbor views, fireworks, The Waterfalls, and plenty of beer (at an additional cost) = one of the best nights out in NYC.
The tickets were $20 each at Ticketweb plus the cost of drinks at the cash bar. The rest of the summer cruise series is also fairly cheap - mostly $20, some shows are slightly more expensive depending on which ship is sailing. If you do most of your drinking before you get on the boat or just plan to buy 1 or 2 drinks, you can spend less than $30 per person for a rocking night. Premium beer was $6/bottle, premium liquor $9 for a shot in a plastic cup. Most of the cruises have hot food available for sale - it's of the buttery pasta, fried chicken and hot dog buffet sort. We ate at home before the show, so we didn't sample the goods. Vegetarians and vegans should probably eat at home first.

It's not free but a rock cruise is cheaper and more satifying than most concerts - for those 3 hours, you will be the coolest people you know and make your friends jealous!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Recession Reading

Running Girl found this great article from the Daily Mail about Frugalistas in the UK.
Read on:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recession This! News in a Flash

On Recession This! our favorite word is "free". Here's some free stuff you can find in NYC today:

STARBUCKS on 7th and 24th is giving away free bags of coffee. See if the one in your 'hood is doing the same and let us know.

TAHINI on 3rd and 8th is giving away free lemonade when you purchase anything. (I love their falafel pita. It's so fresh and delicious, though the falafel sandwich around the corner at MAMOUN'S is $2.00 cheaper.)