Friday, March 6, 2009

Vulture Alert

The Circuit City at Union Square was pretty picked over when we stopped in there last week, but the Virgin Megastore in Times Square is still packed with CDs, DVDs, video games, clothes, and even fixtures being sold at a discount.
Virgin is also closing its Union Square location and one in San Francisco. (Union Square is still listed as open on the Virgin web site.)

Sign of the end times? Sure. But if you want some cheap music and/or movies, the time to snatch them up is now.

[Photo by Lip Kee]

Thursday, March 5, 2009

TONIGHT: Free Learning Annex Teleconference + Planet Money

The Learning Annex, purveyor of random seminars of all kinds, is offering a free 14-day trial of their classes.

Tonight, they are offering a free, 45-minute teleconference: "Get Out of Debt Now with Dave Ireland." Ireland is allegedly offering tips on paying off all your debts in 1-3 years, and even paying off your 30-year mortgage (if you have one) in 4-5 years.

Hey, it's free!

From the Learning Annex web site:
"Dave's financial techniques make perfect sense. He has taught thousands how to become debt free and, in this economy, Dave can help you avoid the "debt disaster" that is plaguing millions of Americans.

Dave Ireland is a retired Eastman Kodak Executive with a Master's Degree in Accounting from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has written numerous books, newspaper and magazine articles on personal finance, including The Monthly Payment Trap and Invest in Your Debt. "

And if you need any more impetus to sign up, listen to last week's This American Life, "Bad Bank" another collaboration between them and the Planet Money people. (You know, the same team who taught us all we needed to know to intelligently freak out last fall.)

[Photo by Jessamyn]