Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bonus Earth Day Post

Now that you've shrunk your bills (see previous post) check out this free book download from Register with Grist for free and get tips on how to live green every day (because, as we've said time and again, living greener usually means living cheaper too).

Not only will you get the free e-book, but you will also be registered for a free trip to Bonnaroo '09!

[Photo by SouthernPixel]

Bill Shrinkage

Shrink your bills! Not by wading into a cold pool with them, but with

Enter a few generic details about yourself and your cell phone or credit card bill, and they offer alternatives that save you money. For instance, I plugged in info about my rewards credit card, and they offered me 32 alternative credit cards that would save me more money/give me greater rewards.

Found the link in an MSNBC article about saving $1K on your cell phone bill; check that out here.

[Photo by 99 James Nguyen]