Friday, February 27, 2009

Money Free Weekend

Broke? Not-yet-stimulated? No reason to stay in and bored this weekend; The Simple Dollar has a list of "100 Things To Do During A Money-Free Weekend" filled with great ideas. Some highlights:

#14. Make decisions about and write out your will.
A bit morbid, but death's the only certainty other than taxes. And, while we're being morbid, save your loved ones cash by opting for a green burial (they're cheaper!).

#16. Organize a walking tour. If you live in NYC, check out the walking and MTA tours in Time Out.

#20. Start a blog on a topic that interests you. Or share a bunch of ideas with an existing blog (hint, hint).

#27. Try out some great open source and free software. Check out Lifehacker or our previous post.

#37. Cut your own hair. Maybe not such a great idea...

#47. Learn a foreign language. Search YouTube for videos or check out

#57. Turn on the water sprinkler. Another idea we're not so sure about...

#68. Write a letter to your future children or grandchildren. You know, the ones whom you left everything to in #14.

#84. Explore a blog you like. How self-serving can we be?!

Have a great weekend!

[via Simple Dollar]
[Photo by Pesterussa]